A new Insurance Agency in the market

"The very first time we were discussing the idea of founding this company, everyone agreed that there was a need and an opportunity to strengthen the Affinity part of the insurance market, by matching insurance experience, customer care and product development with modern and efficient IT solutions", says Ronnie Byrdal, co-founder and managing director of AffiNordic.

He continues:
"There are several insurance agencies in the market, that provides great products and fair prices – but very few of them have actually invested in being able to provide the full platform, system integrations and all the needed tools to make these important add on products simple to implement, to sell, integrate to the customers' existing systems and not least to administer – and I’m sure that for these reasons alone, many companies give up during the process and therefore misses large opportunities of increased customer loyalty, increased revenues and much more.

We are certain that our range of Affinity programs, developed together with some of the best risk carriers in the business, combined with our unique system implementation and integration tools, we are able to provide a new and - most importantly – a simple solution, that ensures our clients to focus on what they do best within their field, while our experienced teams are making sure the chosen program performs many years a head".

Please don't hesitate to contact us at AffiNordic to learn more about how you can benefit from our solutions.

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